Shooting Prices (per round)

Non-Member - $7.50 Member - $6
Member Pre-paid - $5
Modern Skeet is a variation on traditional skeet. The trap machines are mounted on vertically oscillating bases that randomly vary the trajectory of the targets. Modern Skeet adds the element of surprise to the highly regimented game of skeet because the shooter does not know in advance just how the target will be presented. While all the birds still fly over the center stake, they may be from 5 to 45 feet off the ground at the crossing point!

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Sundays 9am - 2pm (Year Round)

Wednesdays 5:30 - Dusk (May through September)


Course of Fire
Station 1 - Report Pair (H/L) / True Pair
Station 2 - Report Pair (H/L) / True Pair
Station 3 - Report Pair (H/L)
Station 4 - Report Pair (H/L)
Station 5- Report Pair (L/H)
Station 6 - Report Pair (H/L) - True Pair
Station 7- Report Pair (L/H) / True Pair
Station 8 - Single (H) / True Pair (L/H)